Automation meets craftsmanship. has a simple mission—to make it easy and affordable to put the images you love in a high quality frame. We kicked off this project with a Brand Discovery that helped us articulate exactly what that means. preserves memories. With that knowledge, we were able to create a website that demonstrates what they offer and expresses their values.


Following the Brand Discovery, where we explored brand attributes, customer personas, and brand priorities, we created the site map and user experience wireframes that would provide the template for our visual explorations. Our immediate challenge was to tell the user exactly what does and convey to them the value of what we offer. The "what" is accomplished with an omni-present navigation that makes it easy to find the direction they are looking for, and a home page that concisely explains the "upload, design, frame" process in a digestible narrative format. The "why" is expressed in a home page marquee that implies the importance of preserving not just their photos, but their memories, art work, adventures, and summers.

Web Design DevBootcamp homepage
Web Design DevBootcamp homepage
Web Design DevBootcamp location pages

In order to ensure that the website maintained a cohesive vision, we also took on the task of capturing the website photography and videography. After designing the storytelling and descriptive pages of the website, we also created a web design style guide, so that our visual language could be carried through to the frame design pages, the checkout pages, and any number of additional site pages that needed to be created.

The developers at then took our designs and built the site. The back-and-forth between us and allowed us to create an experience that is both compelling and accurate to their story. To ensure that the launch of go as smoothly as possible, we also created the packaging designs for product delivery. It's rare that circumstances allow us to design the user experience from end to end, but when it happens, as with, it helps to create a cohesive, consistent experience for our users.

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